The best memorable road trips in the US

The United States is one of the best countries where you can go for your road trip especially during summer when it’s hot. If you wish to go out with your family then you can look for an exotic car rental from a reputable company. Through this exotic car, you’ll be comfortable throughout your trip. However, it may be challenging for you to find the best road trips which can make your journey memorable. Some of the best ones are:

Best Ideas For Your Trip Across USA This Summer

1. Miami to Key West

This’s one of the shortest road trips that you can go which is about 150 miles. It starts from Miami through Florida and then ends at Key West. It’s good that when you go on this road you do not rush since you can use the opportunity in enjoying the fine hotels and beaches at the Florida Keys.

2. Olympic Peninsula

You can start your trip at Washington Capital, Olympia, the head to the north so that you can drive around the loop at Olympic Peninsula. You can get the opportunity of seeing the lavender fields and the head to the south towards the Oregon border. You’ll also get a lot of hiking opportunities, drive through the lush rainforest at Olympic national park.

3. Pacific coast highway

This road trip can enable you to drive the whole coast in California starting from Crescent city up to San Diego. It’s about 1.000 miles and can take you through the famous scenic sites in this state such as beach side roller coasters, picturesque beach towns, and towering redwoods.

4. West Virginia Midland trail

It cuts across West Virginia. This trail is very rich in scenery, great West Virginia food, local arts, and crafts, outdoor adventure, pioneer history, and waterfalls. You’ll be able to pass through the capital city of Charleston, then Hawks Nest park to Virginia border where you can see the White Sulphur Springs.

5. Chicago to California

You cannot go for a road trip during summer without putting this route on your list. It covers about 2,500 miles and is the most iconic highway in the US which revives the memories of an early period of the automobile. This route which starts at Chicago cuts across 8 states some of them are Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.

6. High road to Taos

This is a new Mexican route which goes through the valleys along the Rio Grande and then Sangre Cristo Mountains. Through this route, you’ll be able to see many desert sands.

7. Hill country

Starts at the North of Austin, San Antonio and then all the way to Bandera where you can enjoy the onion rings at Silver dollar saloon.

Getting an exotic car rental will be the best decision that you can make when you’re going for a road trip during summer in the US. These exotic cars are very luxurious and also comfortable. Therefore, you’ll never feel tired easily during your road trip. It’s time that you enjoy your summer vacation through this road trip.

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